You have been telling people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour.

Hopi Elders


Jared Angaza has been developing ventures, experiences, and brands that foster reverence for our interconnectedness for over 20 years. In late 2016, he created the Inipi Radio podcast to amplify the voices of consciousness and indigenous wisdom.

After two successful years of running the show, he decided it was time to implement some vital brand evolutions he was developing as a result of listening to mentors, the podcast audience, and the members of his San Diego based community for personal and spiritual development. He and his tribe have continually been inspired by the work of our muse, Nahko Bear that has helped to popularize so many of the indigenous terms that guide our lives.

After a lot of intentionality and thought, we decided to rebrand the podcast, using the name of Jared and his wife Ilea’s local “intentional collective”, Medicine Tribe. In November of 2018, exactly two years after the podcast launch, we relaunched as Medicine Tribe, combining the podcast and intentional community.

"We've been living out our own "medicine tribe" for a while now. It's the core of who we are, and the ethos we want to amplify. And at this stage, so many of the indigenous terms we use are becoming more widely understood. When it came time to rebranding the podcast, the name was pretty clear." - Jared Angaza

Now we have one channel for our voice and our community. Our intention is to also honor the sages that have inspired us by amplifying their message through this channel. We hope you’ll join us by Listening to the Podcast, Signing up for our Updates, or joining our Tribe!

Hoka hey!



Jared Angaza is a Personal Transformation Guide, Identity Architect, author, podcaster, philanthropist, and philosopher.

Over the past 20 years, he's leveraged the studies of behavioral science, consciousness, philanthropy, creativity, and culture to develop remarkable brands, events, and activism campaigns.

Today, he guides seekers on their spiritual quest and continues to develop socially conscious brands, cultures of innovation, and experiences that enhance the human experience and our relationship with our planet.

Jared is married with four children and lives in San Diego, California. He's on a life-long quest to help people unearth the essence of who they are, connect with their highest self, and craft an integrated identity.

For more information on Jared, you can visit his website HERE.


We want to ensure that everyone understands the more indigenous terminology and concepts we discuss in the tribe. Here are some simple explanations to help you understand the full essence and vision of Inipi Medicine Tribe. 


In the American Indian culture, the term “medicine” refers to plants, community, art, music, teachers, nature, practices, and other ways that bring you closer to alignment with humanity, nature, and spirit.


A tribe is a group of people that resonate together, sharing a common vision. The members of a tribe commit to challenging, inspiring, and helping to raise your vibration. A tribe comes together to hold a sacred space for one another on their “red road journey”.


he “red road” is effectively an American Indian concept that represents the deliberate path of someone seeking consciousness, self-actualization, enlightenment, or any other path that helps bring a human into further alignment with humanity, nature, and Spirit. It's similar in nature to Campbell's concept of the "hero's journey".



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