Inipi Radio was created to be the voice of a larger initiative called Inipi. In an effort to create a conversation and foster a vibrant community around the ethos and vision of Inipi, we are launching a few of our initiatives now. This podcast is the first. And you can expect a few more to roll out this year.

Here is a brief introduction to the Inipi brand, and our dreams to bring it in to fruition. We hope you will join us on the journey!

Inipi is an experiential learning space and immersion teaching series designed to cultivate alignment with nature, humanity, and Spirit. 


We are a collective of teachers, students, healers and philanthropists with a vision to help further our collective journey towards self actualization. At Inipi, we develop programs and host camps, healing, culinary, and teaching experiences designed to inspire people to align their lives with love.

We design and host our own events and programs, as well as gatherings from outside organizations and individuals. Some types of events include lectures, culinary gatherings, concerts, healing practices, art exhibits, workshops, camps, retreats, trainings and cultural events. 


We believe our most effective contribution to a more peaceful and loving world is for each of us to align with love.


Our purpose is to reveal the wisdom of indigenous cultures and use it to inspire and equip modern society to come into alignment with nature, humanity, and Spirit.


If you're interested in helping us build the Inipi brand, I hope you'll connect with us. What you see here is a taste of what we're brewing up. If you're interested in receiving the full Inipi presentation, connect with us and we'll send it out to you. 

Come be part of something extraordinary! 

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